Postcards are quaint. An outdated technology made redundant by technology’s progress. Yet has there been any other form which combined the written word and picture so effortlessly? The visual so dominates today’s social media posts that any words are ignored and unloved.

The pictures on postcards didn’t necessarily match the words. The two elements were separate components whose stories might intertwine, or may just pass by like trains in the night.

This is a new, amateur blog, started in 2019. Audiences long ago pivoted to video, podcasts or social media. The only independent blogging which remains is limited to 140 characters, absorbed into major publishers or scattered on the fringes.

Dragonflies – also quaint, unloved and still fulfilling an important niche

Not only is this a blog, but it is one with a split focus. Articles will be accompanied by photography from the last commons (or occasionally elsewhere), which won’t necessarily match the words. I’m expecting the audience to engage with both writing and visuals when they aren’t even telling the same story.

This is quaint. This is fringe. In 2019, this is like a postcard.

I can promise both nature photography and societal critique. Come for one or come for both, the choice is yours.